Where Sports Gaming Meets Day Trading

If you're as curious as we are excited about the PLAYBOOK CUBE™
Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers:

A - Designed for sports gamers seeking an instant edge in acquiring the absolute best sports gaming information, 24/7, all on an easy-to-use mobile app device.

Is the PLAYBOOK CUBE™ of benefit to me and what does it cost to use?
A - There is no more need to sift through countless other sites gathering sports gaming information.  It's all available on your PLAYBOOK CUBE™.  Best of all there is no cost to download the app.

Do I need the PLAYBOOK CUBE™ when I can gather the information I want on the web?
A- By staying ahead of the line and having access to cutting-edge information, it allows you stay ahead of the game.  No more data gathering from multiple sources.  It's all on the PLAYBOOK CUBE™.  In the end it's where sports gaming meets day trading.

Can I access the PLAYBOOK CUBE™?
A - When it launches, the PLAYBOOK CUBE™ will be available for download in the Android Marketplace, the I-Tunes App Store and on our Playbook.com website.

Are the principals behind the PLAYBOOK CUBE™?
A - Marc Lawrence and a team of industry savvy investors are the driving force behind the CUBE™.

Will the PLAYBOOK CUBE™ be available for me to use?
A - Plans are to roll the PLAYBOOK CUBE™ out this football season.

I'm interested in learning more. 
Send me details as they become available on the PLAYBOOK CUBE™